A raw piece of copper against a white background in El Paso.

9 Uses of Copper in El Paso

There are many industries that rely on copper, in one form or another, for a variety of purposes in El Paso. We will delve into what those industries are and how to get your hands on copper at the lowest price possible. 

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Plumbing Pipes 

Of all the uses of copper in El Paso, it’s most commonly used in the plumbing industry. While more and more companies are moving to PVC and pex for their water lines, copper remains a popular option. There’s no risk of copper rusting or corroding, and it’s highly durable and won’t break or bend as easily as PVC and pex. As long as you can get your materials from an El Paso copper supplier at a decent cost, copper is the best water line material in the plumbing industry. 

Air Conditioners 

In the same way that copper is great for transporting water, it’s also the main material used in the HVAC industry with air conditioners. The coiled tubing inside air conditioners, A-coils, and the line set that transports freon between the two are all made of copper. 

Electrical Wiring 

In addition to its usefulness in the plumbing and HVAC industries, copper is also the preferred material for electrical wiring. Copper is a great semiconductor for electricity, it’s highly durable, and it doesn’t overheat like other electrical materials. Therefore, it’s the safest and most efficient option for electrical conductivity. 

Heating Pipes 

Along the same lines as using copper to transport supercooled freon, it’s also capable of transporting extremely hot water and vapors. For this reason, copper is ideal to use with heating pipes, radiators, and other implementations where it’s subjected to extreme heat. 

Coin Making 

One of copper’s most popular and common uses is in making the penny. However, while the US uses copper to make their penny, many other countries also use copper in their currencies. As such, it’s a hot commodity, and many currency systems around the world would potentially collapse without copper. 

Jewelry Making 

In ancient times, copper was one of the most popular metals used in the jewelry industry. While it’s lost some of its jewelry-making value today, it’s still a go-to option for vintage jewelry and antiquities. 

Roofing and Spouting 

The use of copper in the El Paso roofing industry is a growing trend, both because of how it looks and because copper doesn’t rust. As such, copper is the perfect product to use for the metal panels that comprise your roof. People also love the way copper looks, which adds to its value. In addition to using copper for the roof itself, people also love to use it for their down spouting. 

Antimicrobial Implementations 

In addition to its rust-preventing, heat transport, and electrical conductive qualities, copper is also antimicrobial. As such, it’s perfect for anything that’s used in hospital or medical settings where germs and infection are a concern. Bacteria can’t grow on copper, which makes it valuable. Contact us to learn more about the antimicrobial qualities of copper. 

Solar Panels

While copper isn’t used to construct the frame or glass material on the surface of solar panels, the panels couldn’t function without copper. Copper is one of the best semiconductors known to man, which is why it’s used to conduct electricity in electrical wiring. In the same way, there’s an uber-thin layer of copper on the surface of solar panels to help conduct electricity. 

Who to Contact for Copper

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