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Copper Supplier in Chaparral, NM

The El Paso Area’s Go-To Source for Copper, Brass, & Bronze Materials

Chaparral Steel Supply Inc. is proud to be the most reliable copper distributor for Southern New Mexico, Southwest Texas, and Northern Mexico. In fact, copper is one of our main focus areas. As such, we make it a priority to stock our warehouse with all the best copper, brass, and bronze materials available.

If you need copper products for an upcoming project, then give us a call. We offer free quotes, same-day and next-day delivery, and pick-up services.

Call El Paso’s top copper supplier at (575) 824-7796 today to learn more about our in-stock inventory!

Copper Products We Carry

  • Copper bar
  • Copper coil
  • Copper round rod
  • Copper plate
  • Copper sheet
  • Copper pipe
  • Copper wire

Other Copper Alloy Materials Available

  • Brass
  • Bronze

What Makes Copper so Useful?

Copper offers many benefits, making it one of the most useful materials our world has to offer. As a naturally-occurring, non-ferrous metal, the metal plays an important role in certain applications and sectors, including industrial machinery, plumbing, and wiring. The metal is highly-conductive, making it a perfect choice for electrical appliances.

Take a look at some of the benefits of copper:

Fully recyclable

Since it’s a metal, copper can easily be reused and recycled and won’t lose strength or quality. Instead of simply disposing of the material in a landfill, it can be melted down to take on a new shape! This is one of the greatest advantages of copper and other metals, especially if you’re looking for efficient ways to be as sustainable as possible!


Due to its incredible flexibility, copper can be shaped and manipulated into many useful forms. It can be stretched, bent, and rolled into pipes, wires, plates, and so much more. 


It’s true! Copper features antimicrobial characteristics, making it a widely-used material in the healthcare industry.

Resistant to corrosion

Unlike many other metals, copper does not react to water or acid. Its low reactivity makes copper a perfect material to use for pipes and other materials that constantly come in contact with harsh chemicals, natural forces, or water. 

Our inventory of copper materials is one of the largest in the El Paso region. Call us at (575) 824-7796 today! We can’t wait to become your copper supplier.

Copper Supplier in Chaparral, NM

Chaparral Steel Supply Inc. is ready to be your go-to copper distributor. We proudly serve Southern New Mexico, Southwest Texas, Northern Mexico, and beyond. Our Chaparral-based warehouse is stocked with the most popular copper materials, so you can get exactly what you need without having to wait days or weeks. Delivery and pick-up services are available for your convenience. 

Give us a call at (575) 824-7796 today to learn more about our copper products in El Paso!