A professional installing r-panel roofing to an El Paso home.

Differences Between R-Panel Roofing and Standing Seam Roofing

Metal roofs are quickly becoming the norm in El Paso. They’re ideal for combating the occasional heavy rains, brutal summer sun, and other weather elements common to the area. Metal roofs are also extremely durable and last upwards of 50 years when they’re properly installed. 

For many, choosing a metal roof is a no-brainer. The tough decision comes when you need to choose the type of metal roof you want. In terms of the different types of metal roofs, there are two basic types to choose from – r-panel and standing seam. We will look at the major differences between these types of roofing and help you decide which option is right for you. 

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R-Panel Roofing Versus Standing Seam Roofing: The Main Differences

How They Look 

To the naked and inexperienced eye, it’s tough to tell the difference between r-panel and standing seamless roofing. However, once you understand how each of them is designed and know what differences to look for, the difference is obvious. R-panel roofing consists of numerous sheets of metal that overlap with one another. They feature a series of raised, ribbed edges on every foot along the width of the panel. 

Standing seam roofing, while also having occasional raised or ribbed areas, looks very different from R-panels once you know what to look for. The raised portions of standing seam roofing are much smaller and less pronounced, giving standing seam roofing a flatter look. Standing seam roofing also utilizes a hidden interlocking system so you can’t visibly see where the different panels attach to each other. 

Their Quality 

There isn’t a huge difference between standing seam and r-panel in terms of durability and quality. Both options are made of solid metal panels that are designed to last for 40 to 50 years or more. Both types of metal roofing are also leak-proof and resistant to UV radiation, which are common threats in El Paso. 

Cost of the Product 

The biggest difference between r-panel and standing seam roofing is the cost. Standing seam costs nearly twice as much per square foot as r-panel roofing, and it takes longer to install. Therefore, you can expect to pay double or triple for standing seam as you would for r-panels. 

Installation Difficulty and Process  

Aside from the overall cost, the installation process is the biggest difference between standing seam and r-panel roofing. Standing seam utilizes a hidden fastener system where the panels get connected by hidden mechanisms. Unfortunately, these fasteners require a great deal of skill and time to install them perfectly, which is paramount to a functioning roof. 

On the other hand, R-panels are very quick and easy to install. Rather than hidden fasteners, installers screw the panels together where they overlap. These screws are very small and nondescript, however, and don’t stand out to those at ground level. Contact us to learn more about how to install R-panels

Advantages of R-Panel Roofing Over Standing Seam 

You’re making a wise decision when you invest in any type of metal roofing. While roofing professionals will argue that there are pros and cons to both standing seam and r-panels, the advantages of r-panels are very obvious. 

  • R-panels are much cheaper than standing seam panels. 
  • R-panels are easier and faster to install than standing seam panels. 
  • R-panels have more pronounced raised edges than standing seams. 
  • Despite being cheaper and easier to install, r-panels are just as reliable as standing seam panels. 

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