Copper wires in Chaparral.

Common Uses of Copper in El Paso Construction

Copper is an important component in the El Paso construction industry. Some of the qualities of copper make it irreplaceable by other materials in certain aspects of construction. While plumbing is an obvious place where copper is invaluable, it’s also used in several other ways. If you’re wondering what those uses and situations are, you’ve come to the right place. 

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6 Uses of Copper in the Construction Industry 

Here are some of the most popular uses for copper in the El Paso construction industry


The first industry that uses copper in construction is the plumbing industry. It wasn’t too long ago when copper was the only option for water lines and certain drain pipes. However, with the introduction of PVC and Pex into the plumbing industry, copper isn’t quite as popular as it once was. 

Having said that, there are still many instances when copper pipes are preferable. They don’t sag as much as Pex, meaning fewer supports are necessary. They’re also better suited for handling high degrees of heat and are often used directly above water heaters. 

Heating and Cooling 

In addition to plumbing, HVAC technicians also use copper pipes when they’re installing boilers and radiators. Heating and cooling professionals also use copper for air conditioning coils and the line sets that connect the air conditioner to the indoor A-coil. Copper is one of the few pipe materials capable of handling the high pressures of HVAC while also being pure enough to carry refrigerant seamlessly. 


In addition to the traditional uses for copper, it’s also becoming an increasingly popular option in the El Paso roofing industry. Copper is a great option for roofing because of how durable, UV-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing it is. Copper, along with other types of metal roofs, is quickly becoming the industry standard.  


Many people who install a copper roof will also opt to install copper gutters. Copper gutters offer a unique look that’s somewhere between modern and rustic, and you simply can’t achieve it any other way. In addition to its looks, copper is also very durable, resistant to corrosion, and long-lasting. 


Another reason that copper is a popular item in the El Paso construction industry is that it’s a valuable recyclable. Once your copper component, whether it’s a plumbing pipe, a gutter, or a roofing panel, has given out, you can recycle it. Not only does this make copper an eco-friendly option, but it also means you can pay for part of your replacement parts with the money you get from recycling. 

The Medical Industry

There’s also growing interest in using copper for construction in the medical industry. Copper has antimicrobial qualities, which means it kills bacteria on contact. While this process isn’t instant, research is showing that bacteria can’t live on copper for very long. This makes copper a great product for the construction of hospitals and medical centers, as well as for the instruments and devices used therein. 

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