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Understanding the Different Grades of Aluminum: A Supplier’s Perspective

Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in the world. Its uses are nearly endless, from automobiles and HVAC ductwork to window frames and power lines. However, if you plan to use aluminum, it’s important to know what type of aluminum is right for you. 

There are several different grades of aluminum, and they all serve different purposes. We will help you understand aluminum grades so that you can decide which grade is right for you. Chaparral Steel Supply is an aluminum supplier in El Paso and we’re ready to assist you today. Contact us online or call (575) 824-7796 to learn more.

1000 Series 

The 1000 series is the purest grade of aluminum available on the market, and any aluminum in this series must be at least 99% aluminum. The 1000 series is home to 1100 aluminum, which is commonly used in applications where the aluminum will get exposed to chemicals, heat, and corrosion. An El Paso aluminum supplier can help determine if your project will need 1000 series.

2000 Series 

The 2000 series consists of aluminum that’s combined with copper alloys. Because this grade of aluminum is prone to corrosion, it’s rarely used. When it is, the aluminum must receive a special coating to keep it from rusting. 

3000 Series 

The 3000 series is one of the most widely used aluminum grades in the world, specifically 3003. This grade of aluminum is typically between 98 and 99% pure, with the remaining 1%+ consisting of manganese. The addition of manganese makes 3000 aluminum strong, workable, and highly resistant to corrosion. 

4000 Series 

4000 series aluminum consists of aluminum combined with silicone alloys. Silicone lowers the melting point of aluminum, making this a very niche form of the metal. In most cases, 4000 series aluminum is used in the automotive and welding industries. 

5000 Series 

If you want an aluminum grade that’s perfect for wet conditions and marine environments, 5000-grade aluminum is right for you. 5000 series aluminum is combined with magnesium and other metals to make it extremely corrosion-resistant. 

6000 Series 

The 6000 series aluminum is home to 6061, which is often considered the workhorse of the aluminum industry. 6000 series aluminum is combined with magnesium and silicone alloys, resulting in the strongest form of aluminum available. This grade of aluminum is often used in structural beams, gutters, window frames, and more. 

7000 Series 

7000 series aluminum is combined with zinc alloys and is popular in the aerospace and automotive industries. Contact an aluminum supplier in El Paso to learn more.

8000 Series

8000 series aluminum is a very broad spectrum and consists of any type of aluminum that’s combined with alloys not mentioned on this list. This includes iron, lithium, and others. 

Aluminum Supplier in El Paso

As you can see, there are many different types and grades of aluminum, and they are not all interchangeable. Therefore, it’s important to talk to a professional aluminum supplier to find out which metal is right for you. As a leading aluminum supplier in El Paso and the surrounding area, we have the expertise necessary to point you in the right direction. Call (575) 824-7796 today.