A grey R-panel metal roof with solar panels in El Paso.

The Ultimate Guide to R-Panels: Understanding Insulation Excellence

If you’ve looked into getting new siding or a new roof, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of R-panels. While you might have a general idea of R-panels, you may not know what’s so great about them or why they’re so popular. If you’re curious and want to know more about this revolutionary material, you’ve come to the right place. 

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What are R-panels? 

R-panels in El Paso are a type of metal material used in the roofing and siding industries. They are also one of the most versatile and widely used components in the building industry. An R-panel consists of a flat metal surface with raised ribs, hence the name. Each panel is typically made the same length and width, but this can vary from one fabricator to another. 

In addition to being variable in length and width, R-panels can also have different thickness levels. On average, however, most R-panels are 26-gauge, which is ideal for protecting your home or business while still being lightweight and energy-efficient. 

How Do R-Panels Match Up With Other Metal Materials?

While R-panels are the most common option if you want metal roofing or siding, they aren’t the only option. You can also choose PBR or U panels, which are similar to R-panels but have slight differences. For instance, the sizes and shapes of the ribs are different on these panels, making them slightly more difficult to install. 

PBR and U panels also aren’t as readily available as R-panels, making them slightly more expensive. Finally, R-panels are stronger, more aesthetically pleasing, and better in general than other metal options. 

What is the Average Cost of R-panels?

The only potential downside of R-panels is that they can be pricey depending on where you purchase yours. On average, El Paso R-panels cost anywhere between $2 and $5 per square foot, which is more than typical siding or asphalt shingles. However, compared to other roofing materials, such as wood and tile, R-panels are much cheaper. 

Advantages of R-Panels 

Now that you have a better idea of what R-panels are and how they stack up to other roofing materials let’s look at some of the advantages of choosing R-panels for your El Paso home or business. 

  • R-panels are one of the easiest roofing and siding materials to install. In most cases, you can install your own panels with limited training. 
  • Although more expensive than asphalt tiles and plastic siding, R-panels are more affordable than alternative siding and roofing options. 
  • R-panels are designed to last a minimum of 50 years, but can last up to 100. 
  • R-panels offer the most insulation of any roofing or siding material for the price. You can choose R-panels of different thickness levels, depending on your needs. 

Where to Find the Best R-Panels in El Paso 

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