Chunks of aluminum against a white background in El Paso.

Exploring New Applications of Aluminum and the Role of Suppliers in Supporting Innovation

Of all the metals in the sheet metal industry, aluminum is one of the most important and innovative. In addition to its popular use as a building material in the construction of skyscrapers, industrial centers, and much more, it’s also coming to the forefront of other industries. 

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The Energy Industry 

While there’s a lot of uncertainty with aluminum and the sheet metal industry, there’s one area of use that you can hang your hat on – the energy sector. While it’s happening already, aluminum is expected to become the metal of choice in the construction of solar panels, wind turbines, and other forms of electrical infrastructure. Because of how lightweight, sturdy, and energy-friendly aluminum is, it only makes sense to use it for these purposes. An El Paso aluminum supplier helps with getting this important metal where it needs to go.

  • Solar panel construction 
  • Wind turbine construction 
  • Infrastructure for electricity 

Auto Manufacturing 

As with the energy sector, aluminum is already getting used in the auto industry in the construction of vehicles. Aluminum is lightweight, which makes for a lighter vehicle, resistant to rust, which makes for very little maintenance; and recyclable, which means that when a car gets totaled, the aluminum can be recycled and reused. Each of these qualities makes aluminum the perfect sheet metal for constructing cars, trucks, vans, and other automobiles. This is why finding a trusted El Paso aluminum supplier is essential.

Planes and Trains 

The same qualities that make aluminum ideal for vehicles also make it perfect for planes and trains. Planes and trains that are at least partially made of aluminum will be lighter, more aerodynamic, and be able to travel at higher speeds with less fuel. In addition to speeding up travel, this will also result in fewer carbon emissions, which means aluminum is an eco-friendly alternative to heavier metals. 

Construction Expansion 

Aluminum has been used in the construction industry for more than a century. However, until recently, it was only used sparingly and for special purposes. This doesn’t make sense, though, because aluminum is resistant to rust, corrosion, moisture, and UV radiation, and it’s extremely strong and lightweight. That’s why we believe that aluminum is going to get utilized in new roles in the construction industry, including the following. 

  • Doors 
  • Windows 
  • Siding 
  • Roofing 
  • Rain Gutters 

Recycling Industry 

Finally, aluminum is one of the most important materials in the recycling industry. Because of how it’s constructed and composed, aluminum is easy to break down and recycle so that it can later get reused. In fact, most of the aluminum in use today comes from previously recycled aluminum. This is because recycling aluminum and reusing it only takes 5% of the energy and effort that it takes to make it the first time. Talk to an El Paso aluminum supplier to learn more about how aluminum can be recycled.

Can El Paso Aluminum Suppliers Keep Up With Demand? 

With all of the anticipated uses for aluminum, there’s one question on everyone’s minds – “Can aluminum suppliers keep up with demand?” Since the year 2000, aluminum use has gone up by more than 100%, and it’s expected to rise another 40% by the year 2030. It truly is the metal of the future, but only if local and national aluminum suppliers can keep up with demand. 

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